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Target Messages On Different Pages

Collect Information From Your Visitors Before They Chat


Chat Notes

Multi agent chat notes, color coded by agent. Turn your chats into actionable todo items, and use your existing processes.
Send Screenshots

see exactly what's on your users screen, send with 1 click. Unlike other chat solutions, there is nothing extra to install for you or your visitors.
Easily Match Your Site

Easily change the look and feel , chat window text and upload your own logo if you want.

Our chat is built for speed. Including the chat on your site won't slow it down because it's asynchronous.

We use the highest grade SSL encryption to secure your chats.
Unlimited Sites

You can use on as many sites as you want for the same cost.
Sticky chats

The chat window and content will be available no matter what pages your visitor goes to on your site.
Pre Chat Information

Configure fields that your visitors can/must fill out before they chat so you can better serve their requests, easily view them while you're chatting or after the chat is done.
Outstanding Chat Indicators

Quickly and visually get notified by blinking chat indicators no matter where you go in the application. Quickly switch directly back to the chat with 1 click.
Easy To Install

It doesn't get any easier to install, simply copy and paste the snippet we give you onto your sites.
Our Chat Window Can't Be Blocked

It's very common these days for your visitors to have Popup Blockers. Chat tools that open new windows cause you to miss potentially lucrative chats. Our "chat window" only looks like a popup, but is actually part of the same window and can't be blocked!
Real Time Visitor Monitoring

See your visitors as they are on you site. View them on the map and see the details, such as where they came from , what pages they view , search keywords.
Easy Chat Transfers

Easily transfer chats to other agents or agent groups.
Smart Chat Routing

Set rules to route chat from different pages to different agents or groups.
Chat Now Buttons

Easily install chat now buttons on your site, or use your own and easily set them up with 1 line of code.
Chat Personalization

Upload agent pictures and add a personal touch to your chats.

Enable feedback on your chats so you can track how well you're satisfying your visitors over time.
Quickly Retrieve Old Chats

Finding an old chat to retrieve information relating to a visitor is easy. Search by agent, time or text.
Automatic Chat Invitations

Configure automatic chat invitations by page and set them to automatically pop up after the visitor has been on the page for X amount of seconds.
Chat & Feedback Reports

View reports of your chats and feedback by agent and/or over a period of time.
Offline Email Contact Us Forms

When you're offline you can still receive requests because we will show an email contact us form when non of your agents are online.
Increase Engagement

Customers love getting instant satisfaction, forcing them to use snail email or pickup a phone is putting uneccessary hurdles in the way of a sale.
Increase Sales & Leads

Live chat support has been provent to increase sales and average order amount. Forrester 2013.
Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Even if you think your site and shopping process is self explanatory, many times it's not to a potential customer. If they even have a little bit of doubt about the purchase, they will often leave, and usually not return. So, if you're not the only game in town, make sure you close the deal on the first attempt.

Send Screenshots With 1 Click - Nothing For Your Visitors/Users To Install

is easy to install on your site.

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Real time visitor analytics

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Find out exactly what your visitors want, and why your offers aren't converting with live chat.

The fastest way to increase your conversion rate is to offer exactly what your customers want.

And talking with them is the fastest way to get that information

  Simple, Easy To Use Interface. Chat with up to 6 at a time.

  Tailor Specific Messages To Individual Pages Or Sections Of Your Site

  Collect Information From Your Visitors Before They Chat.

  Find out what is lacking in your offers.

  Upload Agent Photos Or Choose From Our Stock Selection

  Tailor your offers after learning exactly what your visitors want

  Quickly Find Old Chats

  Talk to your visitors, find out exactly what they want.

"It wasn't until I actually started talking with my visitors that I learned why my offers were failing.
They told me exactly what they wanted, I just had to engage and listen.
My signup rates doubled after 1 week of chatting with visitors."

lets you easily match your site's look and feel.

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1. Log into the console
2. Copy & paste the small html onto your site(s)
3. Chat with your visitors.

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